About Us

Our company operates in the field of energy for 26 years, since 1999 with the name JSC “Energoservice”.

JSC “Energoservice” is private company with 100%.


Below listed works have been performed with local as well as with international companies. These companies are:

  • GSE
  • Georgian International Energy Corporation
  • JSC “Telasi”
  • Energo-Pro Georgia
  • Siemens
  • JSC “Energy-Invest” Azot Factory
  • Alstom
  • ZTR “Zaporojie”
  • GWP (Georgian Water and Power)
  • JSC ”Georgian Manganezi”

JSC “Energoservice” has its own territory totally 5919m², with its storage territory -460 m², work and industrial area-527 m², auto transport, mechanism, special transport, different kind of special electric device and tools.

Contact Information

Address:Georgia, Tbilisi, 0105 Baratashvili #2
Georgia, Tbilisi, 0159 N. Bokhua #8
Telephone:(+995) 32 92-35-47
(+995) 32 98-62-39


(+995) 32 92-35-47


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