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The list of completed works in the years 1999-2019, conducted by JSC “Energoservice” including international projects:

Georgian State Electrosystem - LTD Tbilisi Technology Park – 2018

New 110 kv 80 mva power transformer (87 tons) unloading from the railway carriage, transportation, reloading on new concrete foundation, installation of the transformer and commissioning in Georgian State Electrosystem “Gldani 220” substation.

LTD “Georgian Water and Power” – 2017

1. Jinvalhesi tunnel mine #2 repair works of the stairs (first 4 floors);
2. Preparation of new 110 kv "Saguramo 2" project, construction works, installation of equipment, joining the power grid, testing and launching.

LTD Heidelberg Cement Georgia LTD – 2017

1. Capital repair works of Kaspi cement plant 110 kV 40 MVA power transformer;
2. Reconstruction works of 110 kV of Kaspi cement plant (110 kV power plant of EnergoPro Georgia);
3. Reconstruction works for the of Kaspi cement plant 110/6 kV 40 mva power transformer.

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Our company operates in the field of energy for 26 years, since 1999 with the name JSC “Energoservice”.

JSC “Energoservice” is private company with 100%.

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